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Mahogany Wood Species

Mahogany Wood Species Mahogany wood species is a premium wood that varies in colors, ranging from pinkish to a dark reddish brown. The colors of mahogany, like cherry wood, age over time. The grains in the Mahogany wood species, like it’s color, vary from straight to wavy and can include irregularities that enhance the wood’s aesthetic. The species is a very durable, resistant wood that looks great when finished with natural stains, red mahogany stains or cherry stains. Another attribute of mahogany wood species, is it’s natural resistance to rotting. Found in drums, fine furniture, and sculptures, you will find that mahogany also is a great choice for paneling the interior of homes and boats.

Regardless of species, stain or purpose, wood has a texture aesthetic appeal to the eye and to the touch that is unparalleled. The natural warmth and glow of all the added attributes of Mahogany wood species clearly separates it from other species of wood.