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Red OakWood Species

Red OakWood Species

When looking for wood for projects throughout your home, it is very important to know about the species of wood you are buying. While wood is always a great choice, not every wood species is the perfect choice.


The Red Oak wood species, is generally used to make flooring, corbels, paneling and furniture. With capabilities to also be used for doors and cabinets. The colors of the Red Oak wood species range from creamy yellow to red, and the general grain patterns are usually open. The grain however, will vary according to how the wood’s cut and can include pin stripes, flares, butterflies, or leafy lines. The Red Oak is quite porous with a medium to course texture. Red oak is very strong, very heavy, wears well, and can be stain with various colors.

Wood species across the board lend a warm feeling to wherever they are used. The natural texture of wood invites touching and pleases the eye. These overall features, combined with the characteristics of red oak, make red oak species preferred over many other species of wood.