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Alder Wood Species

Alder Wood Species
When looking at woods for décor or structural capabilities in your home, it is important to know each species of wood’s characteristics. All woods have an interesting textures to both the eye and to the touch.
The unparalleled warmth that wood’s bring into the ambiance of any room, makes them extremely popular choices in corbel compositions. Beyond the warmth and texture of wood, each wood species has it’s very own characteristics that work well to compliment some decors but not all. Take, for example, the Alder species of wood.

Alder wood, regardless of whether it is a sapwood or heartwood, is a whitish color when cut, but after being cut Alder wood turns to an attractive brownish-orange. Alder wood have fine grains and small pores. Alder takes well to staining and can be matched to other types of woods, if desired. Alder and can be matched to other types of woods, if desired. Alder wood should only be used in a home’s interior because alder is susceptible to rotting and insects. Today, you will find alder wood species used to make finished furniture and unfinished furniture, as well as floorings.