Guide to Corbels

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The word “corbel” comes from the Latin Corbellus, a diminutive of a raven on account of the beak-like appearance. In ancient times they were elaborately decorated.

Urethane Corbel

The Acanthus corbels have been used in architecture for 2000 years and are in the family of perennial herbs and shrubs. They are mainly found in the tropics. The spiny, long leafs wrap around the corbel, giving it a unique, classy look. In fact, the Acanthus Series corbels are usually the most sought after corbel, because of its unique look.

The Grape Series corbels are reminiscent of ancient Rome and look good on kitchen hoods and under countertops.
All corbels are intricately designed to correspond with their title and adds a distinctive flair all their own. Each of the series corbels has a curvy scroll design on the sides that curl under to add a special touch.

The Traditional Series is more of a smooth finish, with rounded scrolls. They look good under fireplace mantels, cabinets and with other simple pieces.