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Poplar Wood Species

If you are working on your home, it is important to know what kinds of wood species are available for you to use in your projects. What are the characteristics of poplar wood species?

Poplar wood species are hardwood, but can have lower shock resistance than do other hardwoods. Poplar is light to medium weight, has good strength, and has good flexibility. The colors of poplar wood species range from the white of the sapwood to the brown of the heartwood. The heartwood may also be a greenish color and might have purple streaks. You will not find knots at all in pine wood species. Poplar wood species have straight grains. Poplar wood species can be stained, often to resemble walnut or maple, and take particularly well to paint. Or, you might choose a high gloss or satin varnish to finish your wood.

What are poplar wood species used to make? You will find poplar used to make corbels, carvings, toys, furniture, gunstocks, the cores of snowboards, and musical instruments.

Check out poplar wood species. Poplar might be right for you.