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Walnut Wood Species

Walnut Wood Species With grains ranging from burled, curved, and straight to it’s varieties of colors produced, such as the purplish dark brown in the heartwood to the light tan in the sapwood. The Walnut wood species is a beautiful, hardwood that has been used in expensive furniture, gun stocks, carvings and wooden airplane propellers. The Walnut wood species takes to finishing very well and easily. With finishes that can be as simple as oils or as elegant as dark walnut and ebony stains. The walnut wood species is outstandingly beautiful no matter the choice of finish.


As with all wood products, the texture that is visible to the eye and to the touch is simply unbeatable. Walnut wood species are very strong and moderately dense. They are naturally stain resistant because of the oil in the wood. For an outstanding type of wood, consider walnut wood species. Walnut wood species’ durability and beauty make them a hands on favorite.