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Wood Corbels

Wood corbels grace many homes, supporting arches, balconies, bars, ceilings, and fireplace mantels. You might see wood corbels acting as brackets for shelves, both on the interior and exterior of homes. Corbels not only are designed to support weight, they are designed to be appealing to the eye. Wood corbels are available in many styles. If you like classical motifs, you can find wood corbels carved with acanthus leaves. Acanthus leaves were first used to decorate architecture in ancient Greece. You can find wood corbels that were designed with waves and the ocean in mind or scrolls, based on another ancient Greek design. There are wood corbels with simple, elegant lines if you prefer a streamlined look. Wood corbels are available in many sizes to meet your needs. For example, you might not want to use the same size of corbels when supporting an arch versus supporting a shelf. Corbels made from wood are the choice of traditionalists. Wood brings a warm appearance to anywhere it is used, particularly if it is stained. Wood corbels also have a texture and feel that no other material that is used to make corbels can approach. When looking at corbels, consider corbels made from wood. You will be able to choose from a wide variety of styles and sizes. Wood corbels will bring warmth and style to your home. You are sure to find wood corbels which fit your requirements.
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